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Carlos Urriola of MIT Panama: Building the Gateway

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“We have been successful, but we need to be better. We need to fine-tune this model. The real challenge is how we make this cluster successful through technology and by being more focused on the creation of a unique product.”

Carlos Urriola


Carlos Urriola
Executive VP
Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) Panama
Published: March, 2015


Carlos Urriola, the executive vice-president of Manzanillo International Terminal, believes in Panama, but he doesn’t necessarily buy the hype. Some people assert that Panama has arrived at the center of global trade. Urriola does not share that view. He acknowledges Panama’s regional primacy, but he knows that the country is not Dubai or Singapore, at least not yet.

The way ahead is clear enough. World-class logistics requires the fluidity that comes with electronic commerce. As Urriola sees it, the country must have several elements to succeed: modern customs, unified documentation for intermodal transfer, and a logistics chain that operates without disruption.

These projects require power from somewhere. But where? And how?


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