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Logistical Development: Abdul Rahim Tahir, PT. DHL Exel Supply Chain Indonesia

Abdul Rahim Tahir, Managing Director of PT. DHL Exel Supply Chain Indonesia, explains why improvement to Indonesia’s infrastructure is so important and why his humble beginnings have proved to be the perfect training for his current role.

Abdul Rahim TahirAbdul Rahim Tahir
Managing Director
PT. DHL Exel Supply Chain Indonesia
Published: 2013

Managing the Indonesian arm of DHL, the world’s largest courier and logistics company, is no small task, but I’ve never been afraid of hard work. After completing my military service in Singapore, I began my career as a courier at Air Express International with operation located at the Changi airport in Singapore and on my very first day my manager said to me “You will be like an ambassador for the company.” That was almost 30 years ago, but I never forgot those words. Despite the fact that I was performing an “entry-level job,” my manager’s comment really motivated me and heightened my determination to succeed.

Today, the challenges I’m facing have never been greater. The logistical demands of Indonesian customers are maturing and there is a growing need for the sophisticated services provided by DHL. And yet Indonesia’s physical infrastructure is currently considered substandard and the archipelagic nature of the country makes it difficult to weave national infrastructure together. Improvements are essential if the growing demands of the Indonesian market are going to be met.


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