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Service and Human Capital – A Nearshore Boon

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Expert Global Solutions (EGS) generates employment and contributes to human capital development through its three growing contact centers in Guatemala. The Guatemalan workforce provides an ideal complement to the company’s services.


Published: 2016

Guatemala has emerged as a paradigm for contact center operations due to its close proximity to the United States, a labor force that is increasingly proficient in English, and a familiarity with North American culture. Taking advantage of these benefits, Expert Global Solutions (EGS) serves its customers’ business process outsourcing (BPO) needs from the Central American nation with sophisticated technology and customization.

Pages from 2016 Q1 issue (15, 75)-280 years of innovation
The holding company for two BPO firms—EGS Customer Care and EGS Financial Care— whose histories extend back more than 80 years, EGS has become a global leader in the industry by supplying its customers with the service, technology, and processes they need to expedite business operations. The company provides customer and financial care services for well-known global brands in a variety of industries, among them telecommunications, finance, healthcare, transportation and logistics, retail, and hospitality.

Using multi-channel support and customized service platforms, EGS delivers a wide range of solutions throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, many EGS clients require contact centers to answer questions related to products or to retain and save customer relationships. Financial care services may include arranging payment plans with delinquent customers or performing first-party collections. EGS can also develop other services based on clients’ needs, such as Tier 1-4 help desk support or cross-selling and up-selling.

“We are lucky to have strong, localized leadership that differentiates us from our competitors. We have local professionals in leadership roles, allowing us to better understand the market.” —Miro Batista, President, Latin America, Expert Global Solutions


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