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Fertile Ground: Bakur Kvezereli, Minister of Agriculture

Georgia’s agriculture sector is set to make steady progress with the introduction of new technology, infrastructure and foreign investments.

41_Minister_of_AgricultureBakur Kvezereli
Minister of Agriculture
Published: 2010

Fertile soil, favourable climatic conditions, unique geographical features and government initiatives have contributed towards a rich agricultural tradition in Georgia. The country is divided into 11 different regions, which fall into nine climatic zones, conducive to the cultivation of several kinds of crops—from tea to cereals, and from nuts to herbs. It is therefore not surprising that a substantial part of the rural population of the country is highly dependent on agricultural and allied activities for income.

The Georgian Ministry of Agriculture has made a lot of progress over a short period of time under the leadership of Minister Bakur Kvezereli. Still in his late twenties, Mr. Kvezereli has many years of work experience behind him. Mr. Kvezereli graduated in Economics from the Georgian Technical University in 2002. During this period, he assisted the Minister of State Property Management. In 2005, he earned his postgraduate degree from the same university, after which he pursued a short course at the Tokasiuku University, Tokyo, on ‘Effective Use of International Assistance’. He also worked in the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry in 2005-06. In the same year, he worked in the Regional Economic Division of the State Chancellery of Georgia.


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