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Local Services…Global Ambition: Dr. Ketut Mardjana, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)

While other national postal services are nervously eyeing the future, Pos Indonesia have established plans that will lift them to new heights.

Dr. Ketut MardjanaDr. Ketut Mardjana
President Director
PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)
Published: 2013

The digital revolution is changing the world in ways that no one could previously have imagined. Postal services around the globe are seeing their market and profit margins squeezed like never before. But Dr Ketut Mardjana, President Director and beating heart of Pos Indonesia, has a drive and ambition that is poised to propel Indonesia’s national postal service into new markets and unparalleled profitability. His determination is that Pos Indonesia is not merely going to compete with rival delivery services, it’s going to set a pace that competitors will struggle to match, and generate new business in a variety of new sectors.

Dr Mardjana’s overwhelming optimism is certainly warranted given that, since his appointment to President Director in August 2009, the business has halted previous declines and posted a series of significant annual profits for each of the last three years, most recently recording a 2011 revenue of USD 320 million, an increase of 14% over the previous year. This reversal of fortunes is no accident; in August 2009 the management board implemented a quick turnaround strategy to improve existing services and also to create a long-term strategy that will see Pos Indonesia aggressively expand into new markets.


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