Strategy Magazine places people on the ground, in key locations, to keep you informed of the latest business, economic and financial trends.

As a business or political leader you are, no doubt, in urgent need of a source of information that covers world news, political developments and economic fluctuations. And with time more limited than ever, it’s also essential that you receive vital global business news in a format that is simple to access and easy to digest.

It is these needs that Strategy Magazines meet. Our researchers and analysts spend a minimum of three months in every country they report upon, taking face-to-face meetings with business and government leaders, to ensure that every last piece of intelligence is obtained first-hand and is of significant benefit to our readers.

Outstanding depth of high-quality information

Strategy Magazines are invaluable to investors, business owners, government leaders, and anyone who has an interest in business, economic, and financial news. We’re cognizant of your need for a source of information that is accurate and trustworthy, and we use our collective decades of experience to identify and interview the high-level individuals and agencies that hold the most valuable data.

No less important is the means by which we communicate the business intelligence that we gather; information is useless if it cannot be quickly absorbed and understood. To this end we employ world-class writers to condense the material we’ve collated and present it in a factual, easy-to-read style.

The result is a compilation of articles and reports that include:

  • Overviews of significant economic regions and the most prominent industries.
  • Profiles of key businesses and government agencies.
  • Interviews with business and government leaders.
  • Analysis of current data and reviews of expected future developments.
  • Analysis of prime investment opportunities.
  • Contact details of the agencies and authorities that can help facilitate international investment.

Absorb the information in just one of our Strategy Magazines and you’ll have more useable knowledge than 99% of your competitors.

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