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Spirit to Serve: George Togonidze, Tbilisi Marriott

An ultra-premium luxury hotel situated in the heart of Georgia’s capital, the award-winning Tbilisi Marriott continues to be a leading name in the country’s hospitality landscape.

George Togonidze General Manager, Tbilisi MarriottGeorge Togonidze
GM, ,
Published: 2010

The Tbilisi Marriott hotel, witness to Georgia’s chequered political and historical past for the last 100 years, stands glorious in its old-world charm amid a fast-modernising nation.

Construction work for the building started in 1910, with the objective of giving Tbilisi its first ‘European standard’ hotel. The year 1915 saw ‘Hotel Majestic’ open its doors to guests, and within a year, it received a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Paris for its architecture.
As World War I raged, Hotel Majestic was called upon to serve as a military hospital. The end of the war saw the hotel desolate and far from its old glory. In 1936, this landmark was given the refurbishing it needed, and 1939 saw it reborn as ‘Hotel Tbilisi’. This new hotel was ranked among the top 10 hotels in the erstwhile USSR.


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