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Nourishing a Heartland

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Latin America is well on its way to becoming a global food superpower, with innovative companies like AgroAmerica leading the way, delivering quality products around the world while adhering to a strict code of corporate social responsibility.


Published: 2015

AgroAmerica, a principal grower and exporter of agricultural products in Latin America, produces bananas and palm oil for markets in North America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and Latin America. The company has sold its Guatemalan- and Ecuadorian-grown fruits in the United States and Europe for 40 years and produces 22 million boxes of bananas annually. In 2014, AgroAmerica expanded organic banana farming into Peru and palm oil into Panama. Palm oil production and export, mainly to large industrial companies, makes up the remainder of the firm’s product portfolio.

AgroAmerica’s leadership in banana and palm oil production and export goes beyond the business aspect, setting an example of caring about the environment, the workforce, and the community.” —Fernando Bolaños, CEO, AgroAmerica

The name means quality
To ensure quality receipt of AgroAmerica’s produce at the point of sale to consumers, the company acquired its own fleet of IMG_6293refrigerated shipping units and has developed extensive in-house expertise in the global transportation pipeline for fresh
food products. This service is also offered to other exporters in the region, ensuring supply chain control and quality delivery for a large percentage of Latin American food production.

Although the company packages bananas for sale under the Dole and Del Monte labels, AgroAmerica’s innovation and commitment to excellence have yielded an exceptional product capable of carrying its own brand, leading to the launch of ONE Banana in November 2014 with distribution in the United States, Canada, and Europe. “Each day the market is more aware of quality and wants to know the circumstances in which the fruit is produced. The ONE brand fulfills consumer expectations through high standards and consistent quality, cultivated by a company with good social and environmental practices,” observes Fernando García-Salas, Vice President of AgroFruit, an AgroAmerica subsidiary.


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