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Advertise with Strategy

Advertise with Strategy

SBG reaches the world’s most influential business and government leaders.

When you advertise with Strategy News or Strategy Magazines, not only do you reach an affluent audience of key decision-makers, you also align yourself with the Strategy Business Group brand, praised for its willingness to report from the frontline of the world’s most significant business and financial regions.

Advertising with us can help you…

  • Target a specific local or global market.
  • Promote your brand through digital or print advertising.
  • Showcase your product or service to your desired industry.

SBG offers a wide range of advertising options on the Strategy News website, as well as in the printed pages of Strategy Magazine’s publications.

For more information or to discuss your requirements for advertising, please email:

Strategy News:

Strategy Magazines:

SBG Guidelines

Functionality: Where applicable, the “ON/OFF”, “STOP/PLAY”, button must be prominent and obvious.

Animation: No host-initiated audio is permitted on Animation length must be 15 seconds or shorter. Animations can be looped, but the animations mus t stop after 15seconds. Maximum size for animation is 150 KB and maximum frame rate must be 24 FPS or slower.

We do accept Flash 10 files that are ActionScript 3 or earlier.

Best Practice: For times when the user’s browser does not support creative functionality (i.e. Flash™, HTML5), provide a standard image file.

We do not accept any expanding units.

Advertising Specs

Click Here to Download as PDF

Ad Product
Max Initial Size Max Animation
File Size
Max Frame Rate Max Animation Length
Medium Rectangle
40KB 150KB 24fps 15-sec
Large Rectangle
40KB 150KB 24fps 15-sec
Sky Scraper
40KB 150KB 24fps 15-sec
300x600 or 360x600
Half Page
40KB 150KB 24fps 15-sec
728x90 or 970x90
40KB 150KB 24fps 15-sec