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Mobile, Flexible Power Solutions

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It is often said, “Knowledge is power.” Many emerging economies might say, “Power is power.”

The organizers of the 2014 FIFA World Cup turned to temporary power when Brazil’s power grid did not match the needs of ESPN’s broadcast facilities. So, too, do many nations utilize temporary power solutions when the emerging demands of a growing population and burgeoning business environment outstrip the capacity of the local infrastructure.

Aggreko technicians at Mangoola Mine, Australia

Published: 2015


It is at times like these that Aggreko’s services become vital to a business or government.

Economies across the world are growing at a phenomenal rate, resulting in an increased strain on power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure. As the world leader in the supply of temporary power solutions, Aggreko understands the unique challenges and power needs of each.” —Ana Amicarella, Managing Director of Aggreko’s Americas Power Projects division

Power on demand
Aggreko is the world leader in the supply of temporary power solutions. Headquartered in Scotland, Aggreko maintains the largest rental fleet of mobile electric generation equipment in the world, with more than 13,000 generators and a capacity of more than 9,500 megawatts. To put that in perspective, the company’s rental fleet could supply one-tenth of the power requirement of the entire United Kingdom.

Aggreko specializes in providing power solutions to customers who need power either very quickly or for a short or indeterminate period of time. The company serves customers in 100 countries from more than 200 Aggreko service centers and offices with more than 6,000 employees. Its 20-foot ISO containers allow for rapid mobilization, transport, and installation of equipment, as well as easily scalable solutions that can expand or contract to meet flexible or seasonal needs.

As a consequence of this global reach and the highly mobile nature of the company’s fleet, Aggreko can deliver rapid solutions addressing situations requiring anything from the rental of a single one-megawatt production unit at a remote site to deployment of entire generator farms delivering hundreds of megawatts of baseload power to support national grids. Especially crucial in the Americas is Aggreko’s Americas Power Projects division, which works on complex, longer-term projects as a turnkey partner for utilities, mining, and oil and gas companies. The company can tailor these solutions to very specific requirements according to the client’s needs.

aggreko Power Utility Mosselbay_SA

Innovation in the Americas
Projects in the Americas in particular have inspired Aggreko to increase innovation of product lines and solutions.

Consider infrastructure needed to support the tremendous oil and gas boom in North America. Electric grid supply is limited in many areas of Alaska, making supplemental power essential. With its highly mobile and configurable technologies, Aggreko is able to establish a mobile plant to power one well or a microgrid to drive multiple wells. These plants may operate independently or in conjunction with existing grid power and can be mobilized to the next production site quickly with minimal cost.


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