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Ana Amicarella of Aggreko: Powering Economies

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Temporary power is no longer just an emergency solution. From special events to off-grid development to supplementing national grids, interim power solutions are dynamically filling a wide variety of needs in both emerging and established economies.

Ana Amicarella


Ana Amicarella
Managing Director
Americas Power Projects for Aggreko
Published: March, 2015



“Latin American economies are growing at a phenomenal rate, resulting in an increased strain on power transmission and distribution infrastructure, and a higher demand for temporary power support solutions.”

Emerging economies are showing few signs of deceleration. With that in mind, the temporary power industry “needs to keep innovating and changing,” cautions Ana Amicarella, the managing director of Americas Power Projects for Aggreko, the world’s largest provider of temporary power solutions. “We see countries, industries, and production sectors like mining, oil, and gas moving towards larger and more demanding projects.”

These projects require power from somewhere. But where? And how?




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