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Indices of Economic Forecasting: David Fletcher, Permata Bank

The Indonesian economy parades impressive indicators that signpost a direct path to future prosperity.

David FletcherDavid Fletcher
President Director
Permata Bank
Published: 2013

Even basic economic omens strongly favour Indonesia, specifically for a robust short-term growth that is founded on its current encouraging economic climate. Consider its favourable demographics, a major force for propelling the present economic boom through its direct effect on low cost manufacturing, that is not expected to peak until at the earliest 2025. Add to that a Gross Domestic Product per capita of over US $3,000 for a soaring middle class that is beyond the 50 million mark, and the conclusion is irrefutably, a vibrant demand in consumer demand and spending.

Performance Galore
The measure of Indonesia’s attractiveness as a prime business and manufacturing haven is underpinned by its recent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) figures, which has grown from US $4.9 billion to US $20 billion in just four years. A consequence, amongst many others, of its lower manufacturing cost in comparison to southern China and the commercial abundance of commodity resources such as coal and palm oil.


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