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Rethinking Connectivity in Panama

Digicel, a comprehensive telecommunications company with service in markets across the Caribbean region, Central America, and the Pacific, provides unique and efficient technology solutions to an international business clientele.


Published: 2014

Digicel is a telecommunications provider with more than 13 million subscribers in 31 regionally distinct markets. The company was founded in Kingston, Jamaica, in 2001, and maintains a corporate headquarters there today in addition to field offices throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. At its inception, Digicel was a comparatively limited enterprise with a focus on individual mobile service. After thirteen years of hard work and astute market analysis, it has expanded to offer a full range of fixed and mobile business telecommunications solutions and stands out in a global telecom industry crowded with hungry competitors. Expansion into Panama invigorated Digicel’s business product development, which has, in turn, driven unprecedented corporate growth.

Expanding Solutions
In recognition of the vast opportunity presented by the Latin American business telecom market, Digicel recently put its full weight behind the enhancement of its Business Solutions Unit. The project has doubled the company’s workforce, now at 4,000 employees, and spawned a complete business product portfolio designed to address the needs of partners across the commercial spectrum.

This unit concentrates its efforts in three principal areas of business: network services, managed services, and integration services. Services include dedicated internet access, private leased circuits, business fixed voice, data center services, Wi-Fi and cloud-based IT solutions, hosted exchange, device management, online backups and disaster recovery.


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