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Keen Eyes: Ted Jonas, DLA Piper LP Georgia

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Ted JonasTed Jonas
Office Managing Partner
DLA Piper LP
Published: 2010

Ted Jonas, office managing partner at DLA Piper LP, believes that foreign investors coming to Georgia will be greeted by a refreshingly liberal legal system, which has set the country apart from others in the region post the Rose Revolution. Even before the Revolution, the country had resolved to institute a legislative structure that would not discriminate against foreign investors. Thus, there are virtually no restrictions on foreign investment or ownership in any activity whatsoever. Moreover, Georgian law specifically prohibits the imposition of local staffing requirements on foreign investors. It is allowed, and simple, to bring in foreign workers and managers. Repatriation of profits, as well as principal and assets,

is freely allowed and not subject to any special tax or levy. Additionally, private property in Georgia is subject to the strongest legal protections against state seizure that can be found in any legal system in the world.

However, apart from the legal system, Mr. Jonas emphasises that Georgia distinguishes itself with its attitude as well: the government is keenly interested in welcoming foreign investors, and most policy decisions are based on this imperative.


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