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Education and Energy in Mexico

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By: Charles B.
Published: June, 2015

This report is written some days before Mexicans go to the polls to renew the House of Representatives as well as several other important positions. Safety is Mexico’s main concern, but danger seems to appear in two different ways. Some states, such as Michoacán and Tamaulipas, are lawless due to the power of the drug cartels. Others, like Oaxaca and Guerrero, are bounding toward anarchy because leftist teachers unions are willing to extract more and more rents from the government.

At the beginning of his government in 2013, President Peña launched an education reform aimed at improving public school performance by evaluating teachers’ skills. Education reform infuriated unions, especially in the poorer states of Mexico, and they are threatening to boycott elections. In an environment of sluggish economic growth and violent protests, President Peña agreed to suspend the heart of education reform: teacher evaluation. He received a shower of criticisms, and the decision has been denounced as illegal. Some analysts have started to ask if other crucial reforms enacted by Peña could be as easily reversed.


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