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Insuring Indonesia: Evelina F. Pietruschka, Fadent Consolidated Companies (FCC )

For over 40 years, FCC has been investing in and adding value to the Indonesian business and economy. It now stands poised to improve the financial security of families across the entire country.

Evelina F. PietruschkaEvelina F. Pietruschka
CEO, Fadent Consolidated Companies (FCC )
Chairwoman, WanaArtha Life
Former Chairperson, Life Insurance Association of Indonesia (AA JI)
Secretary General, Asean Insurance Council (AIC )

Published: 2013

From the outside, Fadent Consolidated Companies (FCC) is just another holding company, albeit one with a surprisingly diverse portfolio. Dig a little deeper, however, and what you’ll find is a business with a strong sense of family, a philanthropic spirit and a genuine desire to improve the lives of the Indonesian people that it has served for over four decades.
In 1971, the late Mr Mohammad Fadil Abdullah, owner of the oldest and most reputable timber and logging business in the country, founded Fadent Consolidated Companies , his entrepreneurial aspirations only matched by his ardent desire to advance Indonesia’s economic growth by investing in financial institutions, infrastructure and related industry sectors.


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