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Watchful Eyes: Fady Asly, ICC Georgia

ICC Georgia, the country’s ‘most efficient business organisation’, helps affect changes in governmental policy and achieve global business integration.

Fady Asly Chairman, ICC GeorgiaFady Asly
Chairman, ICC Georgia
Published: 2010

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was established in 1919 to promote international trade and the free flow of capital. One of the world’s most respected advisory bodies, ICC provides business inputs to global heavyweights such as the United Nations, World Trade Organisation, and the G8.

With the collapse of the USSR, the free market system gained wide acceptance in the Caucasus region, as many former Soviet states began to open their economies to foreign trade. It was in this environment that the Georgian branch of the ICC was established in 2002.

ICC Georgia’s mission is to promote trade and investments and establish a permanent dialogue with the government and other stakeholders to ensure a business-friendly environment. It gives a voice to the local business community and influences policy changes through discussions with the the government.

ICC Georgia also works extensively on commissions for drafting legislation. Its commissions on customs, trade and transportation, arbitration, investment, business and society, taxation, human resources, events and public relations set rules and standards for businesses and advocate the case for international and local businesses.


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