Featured » Exclusive: Central America: Mapping Its Way to the Future

Exclusive: Central America: Mapping Its Way to the Future

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By: Michael Calabrese
Published: 2014

We live in an era of ever-increasing complexity. Multifaceted challenges confront developers and governments alike throughout Central America, and they are united in the search for solutions. It’s a balancing act between competing needs: increased urbanization, agricultural policy, land and water management issues, investments in infrastructure, and the need to maintain growth throughout. It’s a tall order.

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All of it takes place against a background of increasing change.  Expected baselines aren’t what we thought and will be yet more different tomorrow. From ministers to mayors, decision-makers need new tools to support better decision-making. Governments in Central America and the rest of the world are turning to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide better solutions.

Most people picture satellite imagery when they think of GIS, and it’s true that many applications begin with space-based mapping, often enhanced with false-color images to highlight changes in geography, soil qualities, forestry, water temperatures, and ocean currents.


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