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Guillermo de Saint Malo talks about Putting the Value in Family

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There’s a difference between stagnation and stability. Business seems committed to constant growth at all costs, yet Panama’s family businesses thrive and grow through their commitment to values. However, maximizing profit isn’t everything to everyone, and one of Panama’s leading business families is a prime example.

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Guillermo de Saint Malo Eleta
Grupo Eleta
Published: May 2015



Some businesses become institutions within their communities, while others merely generate profit. Guillermo De Saint Malo Eleta talks about the difference and how a family business can thrive while maintaining its own—and its community’s—values.

Strictly boardroom
The key to owning a successful large family business, De Saint Malo Eleta explains, is for family members to concentrate on board-level engagement. They should leave the day-to-day operations to professional managers. Family enterprises that follow this model have the opportunity, as Panama’s economy grows, to broaden their reach and impact.


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