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High Seas: Shalva Tsakadze, JSC Poti Shipyard

Through a combination of historical strengths and new investments, JSC Poti Shipyard has made it easy for shippers and other investors to plough Georgia’s waters.

Paata Yruashvili General Director, Hotel VedzisiShalva Tsakadze
General Director,
JSC Poti Shipyard
Published: 2010

Founded in 1942, JSC Poti Shipyard is a reputed joint-stock shipbuilding and ship-repairing firm. By 1960, the firm had mastered the art of building high-speed vessels, culminating in the introduction of the Cometa—a high-speed hydrofoil craft. In 1981, it further improved the design and features of the Cometa and launched the Kolkhida.

The civil war in 1991 damaged the firm’s infrastructure and led to a loss of market. However, following its privatisation in 1998, it invested heavily in reconstructing its infrastructure and acquiring the capacity to build topclass sailing devices.
Spread across 12 hectares, JSC Poti Shipyard has its own quays and seawater area. Besides ships, the firm constructs high-speed passenger vessels such as catamarans, trimarans and new-age hydrofoils. Currently, around 40 highspeed hydrofoil crafts of the Kolkhida type built by the shipyard sail across the world.


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