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Dream Destination

Bursting with life and colour, Malaysia is an exotic land waiting to be explored. 
Published: 2011


malaysia is a traveller’s dream. Be it a back-packing globetrotter or a travel connoisseur, Malaysia has surprises tucked away for all. From pristine beaches to breathtaking mountains, lush rainforests to meandering rivers, coral-fringed islands to majestic valleys, Malaysia is a treasure trove of natural beauty. A fascinating holiday destination, it offers a rich, cultural and traditional potpourri, infusing the very best of Indian, Malay and Chinese civilisations.

The already thriving Malaysian tourism industry is gradually branching out into innovative and new areas resulting in the emergence of agro- tourism, educational tourism and medical tourism. The technological advancements,politicalstability,diverse cultural landscape and competitive costs of Malaysia make the environment conducive to learning. The country’s rich natural resources and agro-related activities account for the emergence of the new concept of agro-tourism and tourists are gradually warming up to the idea, including visits to orchards, animal centres, research centres and homestay programmes in their itinerary. The world-class medical facilities and absolute value for money make it a much sought-after medical destination in Asia and globally.


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