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Foundry for Industrial Development: H.E Mohamad S. Hidayat, Minister of Industry

Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry is a central hub for activities driving the country’s transformation into a global industrial giant, guided by a formidable blueprint and credible resources for result oriented implementation.

H.E Mohamad S. HidayatH.E MoHaMad S. Hidayat
Minister of Industry
Published: 2013

Indonesia’s impressive march towards economic advancement is almost impossible to ignore, just as its propelling forces of national will and ambition are remarkable. Make no mistake, Indonesia is a nation that sets its goals by numbers and year 2025 is a benchmark; designated for the attainment of advanced economy status. Lofty ambitions? Yet only very few would be willing to bet against the reality of that goal. As for Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry, the building of a robust and competitive industrial juggernaut on the current economic successes within a decade is the present preoccupation. And it is encouraged in particular, by the impact of increasing competition within the industrial sector, which is driven by the openness of Indonesia’s market to foreign competitors. It recognises the importance of building Indonesia’s economic future on a strong industrial sector with highly developed infrastructure and is thus seizing every opportunity, which facilitates that.

A Phenomenal Growth
Indeed, H.E. Mohamad S. Hidayat is the foremost advocate of Presidential Regulation No. 28/2008 cementing the preference for industrial clusters and regional core competencies to meet the targets of the National Industrial Policy. In the second quarter of 2011 alone, the non-oil industry sector of Indonesia’s economy pumped up in growth to considerably higher figures exceeding 6.61%. Iron, steel, and metal related industry groups recorded an accelerated growth of 15.48% while textile and leather products


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