Company Profiles » Parque Logístico Panama: Free Zone and Market Encourages Business, Showcases Connectivity

Parque Logístico Panama: Free Zone and Market Encourages Business, Showcases Connectivity


In today’s fast-paced and globalized business environment, companies are free to choose locations that make operations easier and improve profit margins to the greatest extent. The people and government of Panama are working hard to devise new strategies in the face of a world filled with competition. Creating a legal environment that is friendly to foreign investment and domestic businesses with an international clientele is one of those strategies, and Parque Logístico Panama  is one of its most tangible success stories.

Parque Logístico Panama
Published: 2014



One of the keys to Panama’s high-energy economy is the frequent occurrence of free zones, or physical spaces throughout the country in which tax burdens, impediments to migration, and labor restrictions are all reduced in order to facilitate the success of international businesses within Panamanian borders. UntitledGrupo Corporativo Perez, a collection of companies with decades of experience in transportation, logistics, and real estate, seized upon the opportunity to become a partner in Panama’s vision for the economic future when it sponsored the development of its own free zone, a world-class Type A logistics park called Parque Logístico Panama (PLP).

Location, Location, Location
The park was deliberately situated in the eastern section of Panama City in order to maximize its clients’ access to the city’s excellent, and continually improving, infrastructure. Proximity to the Panama Canal, the focal point of international shipping in the Western Hemisphere, is the most obvious but by no means the only important advantage of PLP’s physical site. While the park has access to multiple port cities on both the Pacific and the Atlantic via the canal, it is literally within walking distance of Tocumen International Airport, the passenger and freight hub of Central America. The main entrance to PLP is located on the four-lane Pan-American Highway, which gives easy access to all of Panama’s major roadways, as well as to Panama’s Inter-Oceanic Railway. In choosing this site, the park’s developers have ensured its ability to provide the most complete business connectivity in Latin America.


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