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President Vicente Fox Talks about His Goals, Centro Fox and Latin America

Vicente Fox Quesada, the former president of Mexico, recently sat down with Strategy Business Group to discuss his life after the presidency. He maintains a keen interest in the future of both Mexico and Latin America. President Fox described his current venture, Centro Fox, which serves as a center of education for the future leaders of the region. He also discussed the vital role that Latin America will play in the global economy in the coming decades. 


President Vicente Fox Quesada
Mexico, 2000-2006
Founder, Centro Fox
Published, 2014



Q: What was the initial idea of Centro Fox?
A: We came up with the idea right after we finished the administration. We needed and we wanted to keep on working for the people; to keep on working for Mexico; to keep on working for leadership in Latin America. And so we decided to create a foundation that was inspired by the U.S. presidential libraries at the beginning, but we have adopted quite a lot of changes.

Presidential libraries are, more than anything, a museum, a deposit of the archives of the administration. We are much more an academic institution, a think tank, with a wide range of activities related to leadership. So that’s what we do.

We decided to build on the ranch where I come from and where this venture started, instead of Guanajuato. Guanajuato is the place of independence, it is a place of the revolution, and it’s a place of democracy in Mexico; a leading state in that respect.


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